MEC Public School - ICSE

Affiliated to CISCE, New Delhi. Affiliation No.: KA326

Welcome to MEC Public School (ICSE). Our school is affiliated to Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi. The school offers education based on ICSE curriculum to students from Nursery to Class X.

MEC responded to the need for a quality institution offering ICSE curriculum. Today the MEC Public School (ICSE) gives its students well rounded academic experience backed by true Indian values.

Designed to address the needs of children of a new generation of achievers, the MEC Public School with ICSE curriculum is created to be a smart school in every sense of the word. While the academics matches the intensity of the curriculum, the accompanying activities complement the learning in the classrooom to enable wholistic learning for the children. One of the few schools in today's world with spacious classrooms and a big football ground that offers abundent lung space, it is a true temple of learning. As an educational group with over 40 years experience, and a pioneer in this part of Bangalore, MEC Public School has attracted some of the brightest students. They in turn constantly motivate us to reach for the higher levels of excellence.

We, at MEC Public School, inspired to educate through a comprehensive learning experience, can give the advantage your child needs for a great future!

Founder's Vision

Education sans values is no education at all. That is the tenet upon which MEC Institutions has built excellence. The ICSE School too shares this outlook. The founder of MEC Institutions is Smt. Vishalakshamma, a popular teacher in one of Bangalore’s well known schools, during the 1960s. With her subject expertise and a commitment to share knowledge, she was acknowledged as an inspiring teacher. However, hailing from rural region, Smt. Vishalakshamma was always sensitive to the needs of the village folk. Her priorities always lay with the needs of the rural poor and the downtrodden. Her thinking was simple: the rich can afford to get education. It is the less-cared-for-in-society who are always in danger of being marginalised, she felt.

Smt. Vishalakshamma worked with the vision of bringing modern education coupled with timeless Indian values. She believed that our rich cultural and traditional background can create the base for a stable and educated society that can build the base for a balanced growth. More importantly, she was committed to making excellence in education affordable to all.

About Us

MEC Public School is part of MEC Institutions. We have evolved today from our initial days as Model Education Centre, set up in 1972. Our 4-decade lineage in education field has been inspiring and pioneered quality education in the Yelahanka region in Bangalore.

Focused on Values

What makes the MEC Institutions different is the unwavering focus on timeless Indian values. We take inspiration from the glorious past of our country and believe that it is our duty to awaken the spirit of the nation and supreme sacrifice. As Swamy Vivekananda said, “Every individual has limitless potential.” It is our mission to enable each of our students to discover their true potential and make the best of it. Today, the MEC Institutions address the learning needs of students right from the age of 2 years. It is a matter of pride to take responsibility for the future of each and every child at MEC.

Today, the MEC Institutions are a vibrant beehive of academic activities.

Successful MECians Alumni

Alumni of MEC Group of Institutions are successful professionals in Technology, Medicine, Finance, Defence, and Academics, apart from a host of other fields. Our alumni network keeps track of their achievements. Our students are encouraged to seek connections with our alumni, to benefit from their advice and contacts.

The MEC Institutions endeavour to bring the alumni back to the campus to inspire the students and to address them on their areas of specialization.


The strength of an institution is reflected in the quality of its resources. MEC Public School has all the facilities as prescribed by CISCE. We have made every effort to ensure that every resource is available to provide the highest standards of education to our students.

Smart Class

A well ventilated, spacious, technology-integrated Smart Class improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class. It brings abstract and difficult concepts to life inside classrooms and makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. It improves academic performance and also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning imparted to students in the class.


The school library provides a vast stretch of reading space, imaginatively organized to encourage students to enjoy the magical world of books and knowledge. The library has the latest editions of coveted books, and subscribes to several leading publications to enable the students and teaching staff to be well informed on the latest topics.


The school has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics laboratories. We believe in learning by doing. Hence, we encourage our students to understand and grasp things better by seeing them happen. The laboratories are supervised by trained staff, who ensure that the equipment is in good condition for use by students.

Audio-Visual Room

Our audio-visual room regularly screens short films and documentaries from around the world. These include rare footage from history as well as from the world of science.

Technology Integration

That students across classes are equipped with adequate computer skills, a dedicated institution management solution provides effective support and creates the information backbone for taking the right decisions. We are thus able to share with parent the academic progress and other innovative reports, on a regular basis.

Wide Playground

MEC is one of the very few schools to have playgrounds and a healthy lung space. We believe that growing children must have the luxury of open spaces in their learning environment. Consequently, every student on our campus has a motivated mindset of achieving beyond boundaries. When children wish to indulge in a game of football well beyond the school hours, it is a habit we encourage. We are keen that our students make the best use of our vast playgrounds and sports infrastructure.


MEC offers transport facilities for staff and students. The lady attenders in every bus ensure safety of the children while boarding and alighting. Our buses touch locations as far as Kodigehalli on one side and Rajanukunte on the other, spanning around 20Km.


MEC Public School welcomes outstanding professionals, both teaching and non-teaching, to be part of the school. The strength of a team comprises of the quality of its team members. We believe in nurturing talent and are keen to bring in best-of-breed professionals across all areas of our academic foray.

If you have the passion to teach, we will go out of the way to create room for your growth. Apart from an inspiring work environment, you will discover a good peer group and a tradition of value-based governance in our institutions.

Qualified teachers and non-teaching staff can contact Administrator, MEC Institutions. Freshers too are welcome.


About Us

As a preschool, we are the pioneers. Our institution took root when the concept of early childhood education was still taking wing. MEC truly believes in the flowering of a tiny toddler's talents.

We have created a unique starting block for the best of the well-bred. We have continuously evolved, learning from our little teachers. To us, like any in the rest of the world, the little children will continue to be bundles of mystery and limitless joy. Our team of researchers and teachers is constantly trying to understand child psyche and evolve action plans to inculcate desirable behavioural mechanisms. At MEC, we have every resource and the space for your child to bloom. We welcome your active participation in this partnership. The alumnus of MEC Preschool, including several software engineers and other professionals, cherish their days at the preschool to this day!

Focused on Values

What makes the MEC Institutions different is the unwavering focus on timeless Indian values. We take inspiration from a glorious past and believe that it is our duty to awaken the spirit of the nation and supreme sacrifice. As Swamy Vivekananda said, "Every individual has limitless potential." It is our mission to enable each of our students to discover their true potential and make the best of it. Today, the MEC Group addresses the learning needs of students right from the age of 3 years.


At MEC, we have every resource and the space for your child to bloom. The preschool has a serene touch. Designed to be child-friendly, it addresses every detail necessary for innovative learning. The aesthetics blend well with the safe and hygienic environment. The teaching and learning aids are appropriate and comprise of academic blocks with audio-visual classrooms, and a playground with attractive play equipment. The well-stocked library, with a special junior reading area allows each and every child to enjoy reading books and make reading a habit. The creatively constructed classrooms make for a fairy tale experience for your child.

Trained Teachers

MEC always believes in having committed teachers who have a passion for spending time with children, apart from the requisite qualification, experience and aptitude. The facilitators go through intensive, in-house training programs. There is a constant review process to identify areas of improvement.

Smart Class

MEC has a technology enabled infrastructure that brings magical worldwide dreamy presentations to amaze the little children. Right from the jungles of Africa to a virtual tour of Disneyland, the child lives a life that is well and truly dreamlike. The content of the classroom and the companionship are so enjoyable that our little students love being here.



For toddlers, 1½ to 3 years old, the MEC Day Care usually extends from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm as a full-day facility. A half-day option is available during 8.30 am to 12.30 pm - it includes a daily lunch period. The school provides breakfast, lunch and snacks as per the need of the child. During this time, the child may participate in individual, small group and full group activities.

Pre-Nursery, LKG & UKG

(2½ to 5½ years olds)
The MEC Preschool day is
- 9.20 am - 12.30 pm for Pre-nursery and
- 9.20 am - 2.00 pm for LKG, including a daily short break and lunch period.
During this time, the child may participate in individual, small group and full group activities and lessons. Classes are conducted for 5 days of the week.

students may be asked to attend classes on Saturdays.

Curriculum Program

MEC Preschool offers a kindergarten program that includes language development and number development. Our proprietary 10EX approach ensures skill acquisition like LSRW, critical, logical and analytical thinking of your child.

Enrichment Programs

In the before- and after-class enrichment program, activities include working with manipulative blocks, arts and crafts, music and moments, science, geography, gardening and outdoor playtime.

Extra-curricular Programs

MEC Preschool offers additional enrichment opportunities such as exhibitions, sports and cultural events, and excursions.

10EX Approach

To enable true flowering of the child, we deploy a proven play method that we call the 10EX Way. The 10EX Way is a focused approach to ignite the sparks of creativity and critical thinking in early childhood across 10 identified attributes.

Scrap Book

Every child will carry an achievement folder, which the parents cherish for a long time to come. The folder contains all the works that the child has undertaken during the years spent at MEC Preschool. Years later, the children will look back with pride where their journey of excellence indeed began. Right in the cradles of MEC Preschool!


Our facilitators provide assessment reports on a regular basis. The objective is to uncover the strengths of the child and to help him/her to express them more effectively.

Child Care

With over half of the early growth years being spent at MEC Preschool, we are aware of our role in creating happy childhood for your child. Right from the moment the child arrives in the morning, our care providers take over. There are watchful eyes from the management at every moment. There are regular audit checks and random checks. Surprise checks from parents are always welcome!

In the classroom, the facilitators are trained to provide highly focused care. The teacher student ratio is 1:10, which makes for high degree of individual attention.


We pay importance to the nutritional aspect of each and every child's growth and development. The school provides planned, healthy food prepared hygienically and inculcates good eating habits.

Value Based Activities

Inculcating values from early childhood is a core priority for us. While early seeding of intellectual tendencies is important, the child's alignment with the environment and our strong culture are even more important. Several of the life skills necessary in today's world, can be effectively ingrained in a child's behavioural mindset, if they are introduced at this stage.

MEC Preschool follows various sadhbhavana programs. These include chanting of the Bhagvad Gita, slokas, bhajans, etc. We celebrate all religious festivals to give the children a well-rounded initiation of the timeless traditions of Indian culture.

Ability to work in teams is a key feature of today's world. Hence, an individual's adjustment to groups and ability to interact with people is important. We acknowledge this and have interactive programs that address this aspect.

Next Steps

Pre-Primary to Class X

As part of MEC Preschool, your child will be an integral part of the MEC Institutions. You can be assured of high quality care and healthy growth, not just in the pre-school years, but right upto Standard X and beyond.

Admission Policy

• After a successful completion of nursery course i.e., U.K.G, admission to I Standard should be sought afresh. Age: 5½ years of age should be completed as on 1st June of the academic year.
• Application for admission will be issued from the month of December of the previous academic year.
• Medium of instruction: English or Kannada.
• Birth certificate from concerned authorities should accompany the application form for admission to lower class.
• Student will not be admitted to the school unless the transfer certificate from the previous school duly countersigned by the concerned educational officer is enclosed along with the filled application form.
• Admission fee and other amounts once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2020-21

Unresived fees structure due to COVID -19 classwise total fee payable remains same as 2019-20

Class Nursery LKG UKG 1st Std 2nd Std 3rd Std 4th Std 5th Std 6th Std 7th Std 8th Std 9th Std 10th Std
Special Development Fee 1,000 1,000 1,000 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500
Annual/ Tuition Fees (12 Months) 36,000 39,000 39,000 44,500 44,500 47,500 47,500 47,500 46,600 46,600 46,600 49,000 49,000
Term Fee 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3,400 3,400 3,400 3,500 3,500
Other Fees 3,000 3,000 3,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 40,000 43,000 43,000 47,000 47,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 52,500 52,500 52,500 55,000 55,000
Area Wise/ Distance Wise 0 to 4.9 KMS 5 to 11.9 KMS 12 KMS & Above
Term I (June to October) 8,000 10,000 12,500
Term II (November to March) 8,000 10,000 12,500
Total 16,000 20,000 25,000

Fees structure is based on expenditure estimated for the year 2020-21 fee revision is cost-adjusted every year.

Annual/ tuition fee includes teaching resources, non teaching resources, contingency and maintenance expenses, all inclusive scholastic and co-scholastic activities for one academic year.

Exclusions: uniforms, books, transport fee. There will be an additional charge for post-school activities, excursions/ school trips and any other optional activities.

Please Note:
The following Fees are payable at the time of Admission: Pre-School Grade I to X
Admission Fee (One-time, Non-refundable) 15,000 20,000

Annual Fee 1st Instalment

Transportation Fee Term I (optional)

Facilities at MEC which are included in the fee structure :

As a part of our on-going endeavour to provide the best to our students, We have some exciting additions to the academics this year which goes beyond the classroom teaching. It helps our students in conceptual clarity. Students can extensively practice through numerous learning activities. Some of these programs can be accessed anywhere and anytime with a unique username and password. These programs are compatible with textbooks, and there are practice tests and quizzes for each topic. Parents active participation is required.

Fees will be cost-adjusted every year with a reasonable increase.

  • Handwriting classes: Our teachers employ innovative methods to improve the handwriting of the students.
  • Sports & Cultural activities: “Healthy mind in a healthy body” To ensure our students stay fit physically and mentally we have various activities and competitions conducted. Students are encouraged to participate in various intra and inter school competitions in different categories so that they can build a good competitive spirit.
  • Smart Class: Well lit, ventilated and spacious IT enabled smart class rooms having more than 60,000 digital contents, which blend technology with traditional teaching to increase intellectual capabilities and conceptual clarity in the young minds.
  • Library: The school has a well stocked library with a qualified librarian. This helps the students to acquire additional knowledge for the fulfilment of desired goals.
  • NIE – News in Education: Facilitates students to know the role and importance of media in education.
  • Scouts & Guides : It is an educational movement based on open air games. They learn by outing and play-way methods, which bring integral development in a student. It helps them to become good leaders as well as good followers and true citizens of the country. They even remain physically fit, mentally awake and morally upright, become self-reliant and face the challenges of life confidently with the motto “be prepared and service to others.” The total change of attitude that comes in the children make the parents and country fee proud of them.
  • Social Useful Productive Work (SUPW): SUPW is a series of organised and controlled activities which are socially useful and economically visible. They tend to bridge the gap between the classes and masses to promote integration between the world of work, and the world of scientific and social knowledge to broaden aesthetic vision. Their outcome can be a product, a process of service or an artistic creation.
  • Laboratory: We have well equipped laboratories which include – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math.
  • Computer Laboratory: We have a full-fledged, well equipped hi-tech computer lab with all the latest systems and technologies. We give on-line training to the students for effective usage of resources available for better understanding and better performance. We also have well qualified faculty to provide complete computer education efficiently.

Academic Programs

The school curriculum follows the three language formula with compulsory state language, Kannada. The formal education is based on NCERT syllabus.

One of the strengths of MEC Public School is its committed team of teachers. Our teachers are qualified in their subjects and well trained to meet the stringent CISCE standards. The teacher-student ratio is very healthy, which means individual attention for every student ensured.

Additional Training

The addition of Art, Craft, Yoga, Music, Computer Applic ations and Dance in the curriculum helps in the development of character and personality of the child.

Academic Calendar

The school has a well planned calendar of events right in the beginning of every academic year. Every detail is planned in advance on a week-by-week basis. Themes are conceived and informed well in advance. Issues are discussed at length and platforms are created to enable self-expression for students.

CompX Methodology

The core mission of MEC Institutions is to build the complete person. Our responsibility to the society is to nurture human resources, who are balanced personalities.

An individual can be different persons in different situations. One can be an emotional person, an intellectually inclined person, a playful person, … in different contexts. The ultimate purpose of real education is to become a balanced person, by becoming aware of the various pulls and distractions in situations. True learning empowers the individual in awakening the intelligence in him, thus making him/her a balanced individual. This is the essence of the proprietary CompX Learning Methodology at MEC Institutions.

The activities and initiatives in the MEC Institutions are designed to sustain the spirit of CompX. Be it cultural activities or academic pursuits or extracurricular activities, the CompX approach makes the learning experience holistic and meaningful.

Value Added Programs

MEC Public School is committed to delivering more to its students. We are forever keen to ensure that our students derive the best possible advantage from the facilities that today’s world offers. We are open to new thoughts and ideas, so that they can make a positive contribution to the development of our students. In various fields and endeavours, we are ahead. These include:

NIE: News in Education

The media has a significant impact on the world that is around us. The media not only informs, it also influences the way people around the world work, play and live. NIE is a new approach to inculcate reading skills, develop vocabulary and to update the knowledge of current affairs. It is also the students’ first exposure to journalism as a career option.


ASSET stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. It is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test for students of classes 3-10. The core subjects offered are English, Maths & Science. Optional subjects include Social Studies and Hindi.

ASSET aims to accurately and meaningfully measure how well students are really learning.The assessment provides insight into learning processes. We have realized that it actually helps improve the quality of learning.


A computer-based adaptive learning system which primarily uses questions to help children learn Mathematics. It tests the understanding and helps students clear misconceptions.


Knowledge of and practice in Yoga helps in holistic development and better concentration.As an institution focused on Indian values, we believe in disseminating the virtues of doing Yoga. We encourage students to do Yoga on a daily basis. We also practise Bhakti Yoga.

Certificate Examinations

The school conducts various state level and national level certificate examinations like:

  • All India General Knowledge Test conducted by United Schools Organization,
  • Olympiads – Mathematics, Science & English,
  • Ramayana and Mahabharath exams conducted by Vishwa Hindu Parishat,
  • National Chinthana Examination,
  • IT Whiz Kid,
  • ISKCON’s Shri Krishna Contest, and
  • All India Camlin Colour Contest

Sports & Clubs

Sports has an extremely important role to play in shaping the healthy lifestyle of We, at MEC School, encourage our students to be aggressive performers on field. We have the right resources and a wide playing field on which our students can pursue their various sport-related ambitions. We encourage sports of all kinds – outdoor and indoor.

Indoor Play Facilities

We have indoor sports facilities for:

  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom

The school students have been consistent achievers in sports. They regularly take part and emerge winners in different sports events, conducted by various associations and departments at the Karnataka state and national levels.

Clubs @ MEC

  • Science Club
  • Humanities Club
  • Sadbhavana Club
  • Maths Club
  • Literary Club
  • Sports Club
  • Eco Club
  • Fine Arts Club

Encouraging Innovation through Fairs

All clubs conduct annual exhibitions. Innovative ideas are encouraged. Help is provided to work on exciting ideas in science and maths to take them to the next level.

Educational Tours

All class students travel to different destinations to:

  • Explore and learn
  • Have fun together
  • Appreciate community living

Extracurricular Activities

MEC Institutions believe in building strong cultural ethos. Talents are encouraged and strong national fervour is consistently built. The school has 4 houses, into which its students are divided.The students display competitive spirit, to emerge victorious!

Celebration of Festivals

All festivals are celebrated in the school to bring out the awareness of India’s rich cultural heritage and tradition, and inculcate values and oneness.

Samsmrti – The MEC Magazine

Samsmrti is the institution magazine that acts as a medium of expression for those who are literally inclined. It is an earnest attempt to unearth the hidden talent of the students and staff of MEC. Their intellectual contribution is in the form of essays, poetry, drawings and other ideas and expressions. This magazine offers opportunities for the students to exhibit their hidden potential, creativity and curiosity in various literary forms.

Scout & Guides

It is an educational movement based on open air games. They learn by outing and play way method, which brings integral development in a student. It helps them to become good leaders as well as good followers and true citizens of the country. They are physically fit, mentally awake and morally upright, to become self-reliant and face the challenges of life, confidently, with the motto, “Be prepared to serve others”.

Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW)

SUPW is a series of organized and controlled activities which are socially useful and economically viable. They tend to bridge the gap between the classes and masses to promote integration between the world of work, and the world of scientific and social knowledge, to broaden aesthetic vision. Their outcome can be a product, or a process, or a service, or an artistic creation.

Green Glow Project

Green Glow Project is an initiative taken up by Citizens Forum, New Town Yelahanka, Bangalore, in association with Indian Institute of Science, to bring about a change in the attitude among citizens through student participation in environmental issues. Different projects are undertaken year after year, to improve the environment in and around Yelahanka. Waste management was the project this year. MEC students are part of this program. They have won several awards for their projects in the past.



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